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I am a software engineer living in Columbus USA. I have a degree in computer science from vishweshwaraiah technological university(VTU) Karnataka India. Key strengths - solving problems using new approaches and continuous improvement. I enjoy my leisure time watching movies, news and sports, reading books, and visiting new places. Blogs | Resume


Life In India

20% focused on building the nation.

JAPAN -(on hygiene and values) If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it. INDIA - If one can do it, let him do it. If no one can do it, how can I do it? A CHANGE IN ATTITUDE CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE.

My Manifesto. Your Vote.

India's Top 8 challenges and solutions

  • World's #1 in population by 2030
  • Govt. heavily polluted with corruption
  • India's external debt - $426 billion
  • Tax payers - 4% of population
  • Unemployment and Homeless
  • Poor Healthcare & Educational policies
  • Improper usage of natural resources

Our govt has done some progress on few areas, but people are NOT happy with the quality and quantity of work done in 68 years.

Government aka Management

Deliver like a service based IT company

Political party with required mandate forms the Government. Regardless of which party comes to power, they need to deliver 5 objectives:
1. People-oriented governance.
2. Innovate to generate govt. revenue.
3. Improve people's standard of living and happiness.
4. Safegaurd treasury and safety of people.
5. Maintain good rapport with all countries.

Before you cast your vote, analyze each parties approach to meet above objectives. After election, your job is NOT done! monitor, evaluate and support/criticize immediately to get desired output from the government.

Remember, It's your money and lifestyle handed over to someone to rule your family. So don't be reluctant in electing good leaders. A good leader takes pride in making right decision at right time for better future.

India's External Debt

Which Party Ruled Us and When?

Unless you demand accountability from leaders, this debt will continue to grow. Our leaders won't pay debt from out-of-pocket, it's you. Chart Data Source.

Where all this billion dollars gone?  

pothole roads, poor quality hospitals and costly education. Are there any free CLEAN public toilets in INDIA?

Simplified Direct Tax Slabs

Do you know three reasons to pay tax?

Work hard, spend smart. Be honest with tax pay, to receive best services in education and healthcare sectors.

Are we honest at tax pay? No, because Govt misuses our money.  

No other tax exemptions, direct tax on total income. Tax slabs are NOT gender based or age based, it's equally applicable to all citizens. It's a win-win for Govt and Taxpayers. Save 1% after clearing india's external debt. Adopt family planning to save more and enjoy other benefits. Did you notice the first step to control population?

Corruption Free India

Big Issues. Small Solutions.

Corruption is deep rooted in our Govt system. Many great leaders tried but failed to cleanup our system. Uneducated group curse themselves - it's our fate, lets face it. Educated people says IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM.


MAJOR PARTIES MANIFESTO SAYS - tough action on corruption, but none defines exactly how and when this issue will be solved. CONNECT ME WITH DECISION MAKERS AND SEE THE CHANGE IN SIX MONTHS.

World's Best Education Model

Payback education fee after graduation

Govt. should sponsor FREE EDUCATION during learning phase of life (5 - 21 years) and add the edu fee as EDU DEBT to student's citizenship id (e.g. Aadhar). Student must payback the fee WITHOUT ANY INTEREST after getting a job. Applicable only in Govt. schools and colleges. No limit or restrictions on free education.

To Achieve high literacy rate, Child Labor Act should be amended to 18 years and minimum qualification for any Govt job should be bachelor/degree(16 years edu).

Govt reserves the right to decline purchase of property, vehicle and overseas travel until the EDU DEBT is cleared.

Healthcare - No Doctor Fee

pay your medicine bills (non-taxable)

Caste-based reservation contributed to low quality services in teaching and healthcare sectors. Doctor's best dialogue - PRAY TO GOD, NOTHING IN OUR HAND or SORRY, WE TRIED OUR BEST, the patient death may be due to lack of skills. How many doctors in Govt hospitals are confident enough to perform critical surgeries and succeed? Govt should employ MD/PhD holders as permanent staff and graduates/UG as contractors.

Doctor's fee and instrument charges are collected in the form of tax, hence Govt hospitals should provide high quality services to all citizens at no cost. Just pay your medicine bills (non-taxable).

New Thoughts. New Initiatives

Discover a new path and leave a trail.

  • iVote - stop census and issuing voter ID. Both are redundant, look efficient alternatives. ASK ME.
  • iDay Award - Organize Innovation Day on Aug 1st weekend. Announce cash award of 50,000 for best 20 innovators of the year.
  • iVerify - Information Verification by Law Students. Law students to explore flaws in approved license/permits as part of final year project. Announce cash award of 50,000 per student if flaws found in granting license/permit.
  • iBribe Portal- Inform Bribe incident in any govt dept. A ombudsman should step in to get the job done for you and take neccessary corrective action. Personal information is confidential and should not be disclosed with anyone.
  • VAN MAHOTSAVA (ARBOR DAY) - Declare July 2nd saturday as holiday, to plant 1,00,000 trees per state each year. Announce 'Family Tree' Award with 50,000 cash for 50 people on lottery system.

Job Allocation & Reservation

Reservation - physically challenged people

  • Minimum qualification in any Govt job - degree/bachelor(16 years edu).
  • Merit based job allocation. Reservation for physically challenged people. Vacant job should be filled within 30 days.
  • Post Graduates(PG) are hired as permanent staff and Graduates as contractor, with 40% difference in salary/pay scale. Contractors should complete PG or make way for others after 5 years.
  • Why PG or above as permanent staff? To balance demand & supply, foster quality of service and mainly to solve umemployment problem
  • Revised retirement age to control population, should be applicable to all who joined the service after 2011.
  • Stop delegating Govt Work to Pvt firms. Be agile to change processes and speed up the service.

Edu - Curriculum+Internship

Asking questions, judging right or wrong.

  • NO exams until 4th grade. Min 70% attendance to PASS. JUST PLAY!!
  • High School - introduce subjects like YOGA & SPORTS , WILD LIFE & TOURISM (PRACTICAL+THEORY)
  • COLLEGE: Introduce basic job oriented courses, 1 foriegn language and 97 Things You Should Know In Life.
  • Introduce 2-year course on 'How stuffs work, And How to Fix'. Minimum qualification - 12th grade. Domain areas - Electrical & Electronics, and Automobile Industry. Provide Financial support to certified professionals to start their own "Service & Maintenance" Shops.

  • MANDATE INTERNSHIP - companies and factories must hire graduate students and provide on-job training for 6 months. INTERNS CAPACITY SHOULD BE >= 5% OF WORKFORCE.

Affordable Houses

Stop converting AGRI land into layouts

3 floor, 25X30 dimension apartments. BASIC AMENITIES - Hall, Kitchen, 2 bedroom (1 attached bathroom), 1 bathroom, Balcony and store room. Metered water, electricity and gas supply. Direct water supply, No need of water pump motors. 3000 apartments per community.

Pay-Per-Use PUBLIC AMENITIES ON TERRACE - library, kindergartens, Yoga & fitness center, musical classes, indoor sports room, first-aid hospital. Minimize infrastructure investment, maximize public facilities.

Govt fee 1 lakh per apartment for leasing land for 50 years. Apartment cost approx 10 lakh - 12 lakh.

Limit 3 apartments per person per city and minimum age to buy is 21 years. No resale for 10 years. Life expectancy of apartment should be 45+ years.

Invest on People Needs

Improve standard of living and happiness

  • Amphitheatre & Marriage Halls - to organize cultural events and marriages. At least 1 per village, 3 per taluk and 6 per city. Fee per event approx 3,000 to 5,000
  • Public Parks - tracks to walk and play area for kids. Playgrounds for tennis, basket ball, volley ball etc
  • Hostels and orphanages
  • Protect Crowded Places - Install CCTV and security staffs
  • CHEAPER PUBLIC TRANSPORT. In Bangalore, Volvo and Ordinary bus takes almost same time to reach office. So why we invest on Volvo buses? Invest on flyovers to ease traffic.

Railways: Low Fare. More Miles

Need for Bullet train or extra tracks?

Govt often failed to provide good transportation in railway sector. E.g. Namma Metro is pride for Bangalore, will it solve the problem in long run? Just follow the revenue trends and the fare, you'll know the truth. Best solution was fast trains from mysore-tumkur-hosur-kolar to Bangalore.

Challenging objectives for Railway minister:
Low Fare : 1 Per 3KM travel
Train Speed : Min 150KM Per Hour
Safety : 3-tracks, 1 for freight trains.

BASIC AMENITIES AT RAILWAY STATION : 2-storey bike parking, 20 farmers shop, 24X7 Pharmacy and Hospital, 50 shopping stores, 10 mini-restaurants, 2 MINI THEATRES, and FREE CLEAN RESTROOMS. New jobs created here?

Did you know? Shatabdis/Rajadhani Express train roars at 140km/hr. WE NEED TRAINS WHICH MEETS OUR TRAVEL BUDGET.

Govt Office Work Culture

Responsible professionals, not servants

  • Work 5 days a week 9:00AM-6:00PM. Timings not applicable to transport and healthcare sectors.
  • Stop taking bribe. Welcome service-based Gratuity as ANNUAL BONUS.
  • Job transfer affects childrens education and lifestyle. Hence job transfer should be banned. Employee may request for transfer if openings available.
  • Under performer should be sacked.

Tourism + Foreign Languages

Trash self-guided tour devices, create jobs

  • Introduce diploma in foreign languages and tourism. This creates thousands of jobs and enables good relationship with 30 countries.
  • Trash self-guided tour devices to create TOURIST GUIDE jobs in INDIA.

  • Mandate tourist guide for all historical places. Guide Fee - 10-20 or $10 per person. Group Size - 20. Free for local people, to honor thier commitment towards tourism growth.
  • History will die if it's NOT passed on to nextgen people. Apply creative thoughts to develop tourism.

Relook at Labour Law

Put People First. And do sensible business.

  • Mandate 3-5 days pre-approved leaves per year, for tourism. This helps employees to relax and live a happy life with family. TOURISM IN INDIA WILL SEE BIG GROWTH.
  • Revise skill based minimum hourly wage rate. This will increase the tax payers % in the country.

  • Employer should sponsor health/medical insurance covering employee+dependants. Mandate life insurance to all employees.
  • Allow employees to do other business after work hours or weekend.